Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who needs Dad?


we here at 7420 are slowly coming back to a semblance of "normal", gradually recovering from what I presume to be jet lag after our nine days in Hawaii. the mom seems to be doing better than me.  i still don't seem to have the energy to spit. 

tonight, i noticed an open magazine laying open on the floor. the title, "who needs dad?", caught my eye so I picked it up to see what it might be all about.  the gist of the piece spoke to the kind of dad the author had tried to be when his children were young -- you know-- involved, invested, interested, fair and so on. it went on to question what is the role of dad in their life now that they are all grown and gone, scattered to the winds, like the three of you.

that raises a valid point for me.  what do you see as my role in your life in the 21st century? more to the point, the author asked "what do you need from me" and so i ask the same of you.  what do you need from me? 

it's more than a rhetorical question.  i would like an answer and please make it as honest and frank as you can be.  i promise there will be no repercussion for your honesty; my feelings won't be hurt.  the will won't change.  i'm just curious to know what you see as my role in your life as you make your way in this cold, cruel world.

BTW, the magazine was AARP.

please favor me with a response.


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