Tuesday, July 31, 2012

gotta love them hills...

so, i was able to drag myself out of bed for the second sunday in a row this past weekend.  on a beaut of a sunday morning the usual line of suspects failed to show so it was just me, myself and I to carry on. i "ran" down wallace to west ninth and out west ninth to soncy. i marvelled at the quiet on this coolish morn, the only sounds i heard were my footsteps, my ragged breathing and the wind in my ears.  there was the distant hum of cars and trucks on the i-40 a mile away and the occasional car racing into and out of hearing on soncy but mostly i was lost in the vacuum between my ears.
i was alone, or at least i thought i was.  caught up in the meanderings of my feeble mind i was unaware of another runner until, a few feet off my left shoulder, i hear and enthusiastic "good morning".  of course i started like i'd stepped on a  rattle snake, levitating into the air.  they guy was most apologetic, all 6 ft. 4 inches of him, he with the 4% body fat and legs from here to there.  I watched him as he sped effortlessly away.

i intend to thank him, if we ever cross paths again.  that big shot of adrenalin rush was just what i needed to slog my way through the last leg of the hilly 4 miler. 


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