Sunday, January 23, 2011

a sad day at 7420...

i've often commented on the mega-distances from little a-town our kids have chosen to make a life.  one day blends into another, each one with an emptiness created by their leaving.  there are good days, true, yet all are painted with an undercurrent of sadness.

when at last one or the other, or sometimes all at once, deign to grant us some few moments in their presence, elation builds until the appointed day arrives.  for a time euphoria reigns. recalling favorite memories, sharing laughter and levity.  all too soon mid-visit comes and with it the knowledge that the awful feeling of saying goodbye is just a blink away.

k. surprised her mom on her birthday last wednesday. she drove 15 hours, straight through from new orleans, all alone.  mid-morning, a knock on the door, a moment before realization sets in-- shock, disbelief, hugs and happy tears.

after days of frenetic mom and daughter-ness, the awful moment of parting each knew would come is here too soon. more tears, more hugs-- sad this time. exhortations of "be careful' and "call us." promises of-- "i will."

with a heavy heart, mom stands waving a last, frantic good-bye, watching daughter drive away.  daughter watches her mom grow smaller in the rear view until no longer in sight; each face streaming tears, each heart wishing the moment didn't have to be.

damn the awful miles between. each vowing-- "until next time." each hoping next time comes-- and soon. damn you miles, damn you.  aio   

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