Monday, January 31, 2011

i hate goodbyes...

another weekend, another sad goodbye. with apologies to john denver, these words come to mind.

...leavin' on a jet plane
don't know when you'll be back again
oh, son-- do you have to go???

and as bill withers sang... (sort of)
ain't no sunshine when you're gone
only darkness every day
ain't no sunshine when you're gone
and you're always gone too long
every time you go away....

so we just put our middle child, c., on a plane to wing his away back to his honey, in big a-town.  it was a good visit, not long enough to suit, but the trip was planned over a year ago this weekend.  john lennon said, "life is what happens while you're making other plans." now ain't that the good lord's gospel truth?

this sunday, we said goodbye to c., whose last visit "home" was at christmas in '09. last sunday, it was goodbye to our daughter, k., who last darkened our doors in early fall of that same year. we had some time with c. and c. and b. and r. at christmas time just a few weeks ago. as for b. and r. last visit to little a-town, it was yuletime '09 also.

as you can see, visits to the old home place are few and far between.  as a rule, we've seen them come "home" only at christmas.  truth be told, more often than not, we travel to see them. travel to see them is always a treat.  but to see the six of them means three separate trips for us, four if we include my wife's side..  if we were made of money that wouldn't be a big deal.  still seeing them two at a time lacks the appeal of a fab fam fest.     

speaking of other plans, the very real prospect of retirement for me is looming just down the road.  of late, i've been giving some thought to what happens when that glorious day arrives.  what is there to hold us here in little a-town?  there's the house we built 30+ years ago.  we have friends we hold dear, but seldom see.  in a word, there's not much beyond the kids objections when we mention the prospect of selling the house they grew up in, the house we've called home for most, or all, their lives.

it's a tough deal, the considering of major change.  but then, being half a world away from your kids is no picnic either.  the future will surely reveal itself. d-day is a mere 383 days away. reasonable suggestions will be entertained at  aio      

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