Sunday, December 12, 2010

holiday blahs...

my excitement builds with each passing day in anticipation of christmas time in austin and conroe.  i have ants in my pants thinking about seeing those closest to me.  i've often railed against the far flung places they've chosen to call home.  distance precludes visiting on anything like a regular basis, so-- as it is what is is, i savor all the more our upcoming get-together.

as for being in the mood for gifting, i plead guilty to being uninspired. not one bit.  surfing the many ads included in the sunday paper, nothing has jumped out at me saying, "that's the ticket".  hopefully something will occur to me in time.  i don't want to be the grinch.

as for me, no gift is needed.  being together with those i love is all i need.

as for all of you, i hope preparations are coming along.  i wish you all a very merry christmas and joy in the new year. aio    

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