Sunday, December 5, 2010

big boys and their toys...

the wife mentioned our next door neighbor, s, has a toro leaf blower that mulches as well.  as it happens a big portion of the leaves from our trees find their way into our neighbors yards and theirs into ours.  she's been after me to get them raked up. 

i hate to do a thing when i can see it is going to need doing again at some point.  that will likely be the case as the cotton woods still have a ton of leaves still hanging on.

for curiosity's sake i researched the cost of toro blowers.  the model i think s. bought runs about $85.00.  of course the local toro dealers are not open on sunday.  over a cup of coffee this morning i came up with a bright idea. why not see what sears had in their inventory.  what i found was a sears model with basically the same specs as the toro unit.  it was priced in the same ball park as the toro-- and sears is open on sunday.

so i took my bright idea right on over to the mall to pick up the sears version of the toro.  scanning the shelves for the sears model number i was seeking, wonder of wonders, what did i find?  not only the sears' version but much to my amazement, the very toro model i coveted. and the best part, the toro was on sale, priced $15.00 off.  that would also be $15.00 less than the sears model as well. i can't believe my luck.

i do love a bargain and it works like a charm with a 16:1 ratio.  that is, it mulches 16 bags of leaves down to the volume of 1 bag.  wowsers! aio    

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