Wednesday, June 2, 2010

melancholy might aptly describe what i'm feeling at the moment. with summertime comes the weekly chore of lawn maintenance. to ease the time spent on the chore i usually have my mp3 player's buds jammed deep into my ears. i've been caught singing along with michael buble, los lonely boys, little texas or my not totally unbiased favorite, burned blue. it was bb's "balancing lead and light" that began filtering into my consciousness just as i was finishing with the lawn. i could have turned the player off and gone on my way but i didn't. listening to the cd all the way through for the umpteenth time make's me think again of what might have been. i suppose there was a hint of a dream of fame and fortune somewhere in the backs of the guys of bb's mind. a dream of being discovered, of being the next "smashing pumpkins", or maybe not. maybe it was my dream. as the last echoing drum beat of "one armed man" faded away what is likely the real reason for my mood comes to mind. 512+ miles between little a-town and the live music capitol of the world? maybe so! aio

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