Tuesday, June 29, 2010

baby blue jay

we built our house at 7420 and took residence in december '77. puckett west, or poor puckett as i often call it, was a new neighborhood with multiple empty lots and no trees on our street back then, and no birds come to think of it. the first birds to take up residence were the omnipresent house sparrow. thirty plus years later the neighborhood has matured and so has the bird population. it was exciting some years ago when we spotted the first robin of spring. since that time, though we are not true bird watchers, we have noted numerous different types of feathered friends. many, many mourning dove and their fatter cousins the white wing dove, red wing blackbirds, cardinals, a variety of finches, grackles and starlings, an occasional mallard and this year we have blue jays. the juvenile blue jay pictured above explains what all the blue jay fuss was about this morning when our three kitties were out and about. papa jay is quite vocal and extremely loud! it's funny to watch the feline cowards cower in response to his scolding. whether his baby chose to make an early exit from the safety of the nest, or he? was evicted by an impatient parent, is unknown. i wish the little guy luck. from what i can see he? is not fully fledged and his flying needs work. lots of work. take care baby blue jay. it's an urban jungle out there. aio

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