Tuesday, June 17, 2014

crusing alaska... friday

if it's Friday, it must be Ketchikan.

today is another excursion with a lot of getting to and from.  allen marine tours (www.allenmarinetours.com) transported us to the misty fjords.  the come on suggested we would see bald eagles, whales and other furry and feathered friends in addition to being able to experience this little corner of the paradise also know as-- Alaska.

It took a while on the high tech catamaran, even with its twin 600 horsepower engines, to get to the fjords.  but there was free coffee, hot chocolate and snacks.  in addition there was an on board naturalist, a Tlingit storyteller and craftsman and a video presentation to help pass the time.

as it turns out we did not see an eagle or a whale, nor any other wild life with the exception of a few sea birds that nest on the sides of the cliffs.   wait, we did see harbor seals hauled up on some rocks on our return trip to Ketchikan.

the fjords are beautiful. i'll let some pictures give you an idea of what we saw.


 the punch bowl.

harbor seals
New Eddystone rock
Ketchikan, again.

that street is steep
NCL's Pearl

the misty fords excursion was not exciting but it was fun "flying at sea level" to get to Rudyerd Bay.  

time is nothing to this place.  an ice age ago the glaciers scraped the deeps from solid rock. the seas rushed in to fill the gaps. the mists appeared and the wait began for you to come to marvel in the quiet solitude, the peace; the beauty a gift to be shared with any who may seek it.

that you may not see a whale, or an eagle, is of no consequence. the mists, the 3000 foot cliffs are waiting. come!


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