Monday, August 19, 2013


                                                     (Judy in front, Mary to her right)

A week ago tomorrow we were in San Antonio for the funeral service for our dear friend Judy Loeser.  It was a life celebration for a beautiful lady, a service befitting a great soul, one of exceptional generosity, always a joy to be around. It was a two hanky deal for all of us.

Speaking of family, although we are not related by blood, we've always considered Judy, Mary, Joe-- the brother, Jackie and Jane-- the Loesers, to be family.  I tell people that M. and J. raised our two youngest kids.  In large part they did and they did a fine job. I tell folks my kids are spoiled-- and we didn't do it.  It speaks to the great love they had/have for our young ones who are now 34 and 33 y/o.  There was/are nieces and nephews aplenty upon which they showered love and shared their zest for life and adventure-- but that didn't stop them from including C. and K. Those nieces and nephews and the attendant moms and dads lived down south, in San Antonio and Angleton.  As often as not, come vacation time-- whatever the trip occasion, J. and M. loaded up our kids and took them along.

Over the years our times together grew infrequent.  Not that we had forgotten. No way.  On occasion a "we need to go see... call... the Loesers" issued forth.  With C. living in Austin it was often our intent to get down that way.  Folks who were there for our kids on birthdays and graduations, in times of crisis, deserve better. 

Mary called on Thursday eve to give us a heads up that Judy's fight had taken a turn.  Hospice was in the making, would we let the kids know?  Of course, we will.  For whatever reason we didn't call that evening.  Judy passed in the wee hours of Friday morning which made the calls we then had to make  more distressing for all.

There was no discussion as to whether we would make the trip.  It was a long drive made longer by what waited at the end. But that's just what you do-- for family. Judy deserved no less.

Time will surely take the edge off our collective loss.  For now we hold you, our Loeser family, close to our hearts. Thanks for the memories, for everything.  We love you all, always.  You're the best!


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