Tuesday, December 4, 2012

to say the weather we've been having this fall, heading into winter, is unusual in the extreme may well be an understatement.  yesterday was a typical panhandle day with gusting winds but it was another 70+ degree day.  in fact, the first three days of december were 70 degrees or above.  seventeen or more days in november made that mark.  odd, you say?  global warming at work? or is it that this variation was one seen before man began to keep a record of such things.

besides the warmer than it ough'ta be days, i've noted the wind on my run today, and last thursday and Friday, was doing an imitation of its southern cousin. I commented in a post while we were visiting my sister that the air was so still as to be unnatural.  not unnatural for those parts.  but living in little a-town there is most always one front  moving out as another system moves in. these three days are unusual in that the air was as still as it was on my runs down south.  rare enough to make note of  but more so to enjoy the absence of resistance the wind inflicts on my runs on a regular basis.

i'm fully convinced the wind can blow all four directions at once.  some of my runs are on a square or rectangular route such that i might start out running west, turn north, then south and then east.  i swear on all that's holy there have been days when the wind was in my face every way I turned.

but who am I to question mother nature. if she chooses to deal some calm days to those of us who live where the air on the move is a constant, i should just shut my trap, and enjoy.

is another calm day tomorrow too much to ask?  calm or windy, it's another day above the dirt I shouldn't take for granted.


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