Saturday, April 28, 2012

sayonara, kimbo!

first, let me say the hair was in fine form tonight.  each of Kimbo's best concerts with the ASO, and all of them were excellent, came on nights when the hair was most alive. somehow his hair action imbues itself into the symphony's performance and the mane was working some musical magic on this swan song performance.
the last ASO concert of the 87th season, the last ASO concert with Kimbo on the podium was perhaps the best performance of his five year tenure. In a word electrifying.  Four choirs, 80+ musicians, 3 guest artists and the baton in the deft hand of Maestro Kimbo made for a performance not to be soon forgotten.

kudos to all; your collective efforts were par excellence!

Kimbo, may the hair be with you always and the best of luck to you and yours wherever you may land. those patrons will be some kind of lucky ducks.


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