Monday, March 28, 2011


spring is here at last, at least on the calendar, it arrived on march 20th.  someone must have forgot to tell old man winter his work was done for 2011. as i sit here the furnace is blasting away in it's efforts to keep the chill in the house at bay.

it's high noon and the temp outside is a damp, not quite balmy, 34 degrees. figure in the wind chill and it feels like 23. enough already! 
                                                                                                                                        this front will pass but there may be others on it's tail. it never fails, the weather finally warms toward summer temps as winter slips into a distant memory. still, you can bet there is at least one more cool snap in our future.  after all the snow balls have yet to bloom.  until that day, you can never be sure that cold is done for, until fall that is. 

at least, that's what the little woman would tell you and i've not seen the weather prove her wrong yet.

so, snow balls, get to bloomin'. let's get this cold weather thing over and done with already. i'm ready for summer. aio                                                                

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