Monday, February 28, 2011

what a difference a day makes...

gone, at least for the day, are the near hurricane force winds that fanned a path of destruction across the area yesterday.  today's agn reports that at least 58 area homes were destroyed and 32,000 acres burned.  one sheriff's deputy was among those taken to area hospitals for smoke inhalation and breathing difficulties.  it reported 34 dogs were saved before the fire consumed willow creek kennels.

the good news in all this is that, so far, no human life has been taken.  however, the lives of 58 families were forever altered by the flames that claimed their homes.  perhaps to a lesser degree, the same can be said for those whose homes were "only damaged" in the fires. February 27, 2011 will be etched into their memories for the rest of their days. forever more, the question will be; where were you when hell broke loose that day in february in 2011? aio 

go to  for pictures of yesterday's catastrophe.

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